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Brett deja vu and the ‘no Favre options’

Published 5:56pm Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Please, don’t stay tuned to Favre coverage. It will drive you insane, not because of the tension, but because of the lack of it. It’s the most monotonous story in sports. 

Favre hasn’t decided after all. Big surprise.

Brett said he will play if healthy and that he’s meeting with his ankle doctor (ankologist?). There’s also rumor that his contract will be bigger if he returns next season. So…maybe. Again. For the 50th time. I feel like a little kid watching the 8th Land Before Time sequel. BUT if he doesn’t return, here are what I think could be the best (of some bad) options:

1) The best 2 options are Matt Moore and Brady Quinn, but both of those teams with an excess of QBs insist on keeping them. Carolina I kind of get because Clausen is unproven, but if I’m Denver, why Tebow AND Quinn if Orton is going to start anyway? It seems like a silly hoarding of assets when you have a lot of holes on D.

3) Troy Smith – Ravens

I don’t know why this guy hasn’t been acquired by Buffalo, Cleveland and St. Louis among others. He was the Ravens starter until he got some sort of freak illness and Flacco had to be thrown in the fire, where he proved to be pretty decent. He’s not a Howitzer, but he’s accurate, an above average athlete and seems like a smart guy. He could be had for a late round pick, why not let him compete with Tavaris?

4) Josh Johnson – Buccaneers

In the Troy Smith category of  ’why not him?’ He’s young and hasn’t played terribly, he’s a little erratic, but it certainly seems like he has potential. More than a 32-year-old Sage Rosenfels. (One more thought on this ‘why not?’ category of guy: If I’m a fan of the Bills, I get physically ill when I envision general manager Buddy Nix retorting ‘Excuse me? We have a guy named TRENT EDWARDS? Heard of him?’)

5) Chad Pennington – Dolphins

Not a lot of potential, but a game manager that would allow AP to be the main workhorse without turning it over all the time.

After that it looks pretty bleak. Jeff Garcia?

Please Brett. Hurry up.