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Super smart NBA trade happened today. No, really.

Published 7:57pm Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So there was a four team trade today that made a lot of sense, which is a rarity.

The Pacers sent Troy Murphy (and his expiring contract) to the Nets, who sent Courtney Lee  (and his small contract) to the Rockets, who sent Trevor Ariza (whose massive deal they couldn’t afford after their spending this summer) to the Hornets, who sent Darren Collison and James Posey (which is essentially just his expiring deal, because he’s old and bad and therefore belongs on the Celtics) to the Pacers.

This is a smart deal for everyone both cap-wise and personnel-wise, but especially so for Indiana. They needed a point guard desperately and Collison is really good. I never thought New Orleans would give him up.

With Collison, Lance Stephenson, Hibbert, and Granger, the Pacers suddenly have a lot of young talent and could be Oklahoma City East. Good move for the Hornets, too, because it shows CP3 they are serious about getting better. Ariza’s outside shooting and defense are exactly what they need. I think they could win more games with a healthy Chris Paul than most NBA followers predict.