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Football Fragments: A Series of Speculations about the NFL’s 4th weekend

Published 12:48pm Saturday, October 9, 2010

(If you’re one of the TENs upon TENs of people to read this blog, sorry for the delay in the column being posted. We wanted to wait until the Moss deal shook out)

-If you were to tell our sports editor (and Viking fan since the womb) Andrew Dyrdal that on his 24th birthday he would be given a billion dollars and a supermodel wife, you would get the same reaction as telling as if you told him that Randy Moss would be back with the Vikings this season. Well Andrew, happy birthday.

ESPN columnist Bill Simmons was the first to break the news, by accidently tweeting a direct message, that the Vikes and Patriots were in talks to send Moss back to the place his career first blossomed. The place where we remember him as a rookie, outrunning everyone, jumping like a deer, and taking the tutelage of Cris Carter to heart. The time before he went to Oakland, quit on his team, and then redeemed himself in New England catching passes from Tom somebody. The time before Vikings fans attached their hopes to 40 year old former rival and a banged up receiving core.

The move makes a lot of sense for both teams. This current Patriots team is good, but they aren’t contenders. Outside of Welker and Brady, all of their best players are either too young, holding out, or on injured reserve. Also, their defense is pretty atrocious, giving up 24 points a game and the secondary gets torched by every receiver they face. They aren’t better than the Jets, Steelers, Ravens, or Texans right now and would draw even with the Colts in the playoffs. Trading Moss boosts the rebuilding mode into overdrive and sets them up very nicely long term.

The Vikings are obviously in full blown panic mode, trying to fit through Favre’s small and ever shrinking window. Trading for Moss would A) take the spotlight off of Favre and his shortcomings this season, B) give the Vikings the deep threat that they desperately need right now, and C) give fans hope for the back half of the season when a trio of Moss, Rice and Harvin make up the receiving core.

-On a non-Vikings note, does anyone look better rushing the passer than Cameron Wake? If the Dolphins hadn’t had the worst special teams fiasco in history, Wake would’ve beaten Tom Brady to a handsome pulp. I can’t think of the last guy that looked the initially quick off the ball, and he starts in a four point stance. At linebacker! He’s the reason I’ll watch the defensive snaps of any Phins game this season.

-The Seahawks acquisition of Marshawn Lynch was a good move, and now they have a nice Thunder and Lightning and Lightning combo with Lynch, fellow Cal alum Justin Forsett and Leon Washington. It’s a bad deal for the Packers, who missed out on their best running back option. If you’re a Packer fan, you have to cringe at the thought of watching Brandon Jackson dance around the hole for 1.8 yards a carry.

-It’s a shame that another Colts safety, Melvin Bullit, is out for the season. I liked him because he was a member of the Phil Loadholt Allstars; guys that sound like their position. Who else is on the Phil Loadholt All-Stars you ask? Well I’ll tell you:

OT – Phil Loadholt

G – Jon Asamoah

S – Melvin Bullit

DT – Keith Traylor

LB – Brian Urlacher

CB – Quentin Jammer

WR – Hank Baskett

That’s all I can think right now, but it’s an ever growing list. If you have one, tell me on twitter and I’ll add it to the list.