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A letter concerning A.L. varsity sports

Published 10:20am Thursday, September 22, 2011

Column: Thanks for listening

To: Albert Lea Tiger boy athletes.

From: A concerned publisher and fan.

Re: The girl athletes.

Listed below are a few girl Tiger athletes that are young, determined and ready to take a step toward world dominance. I am most likely forgetting a few names and athletes who deserve to be on this list, but the point that I am trying to make is that gentleman you need to step it up.

These female student-athlete Tigers are showing superiority in every fall sport that they are involved with — volleyball, soccer, cross-country and swimming are all covered on the list below.

I am worried for you boys that if you let these girls continue to dominate the world of high school sports like they have been that they will take over other facets of your daily life.

I see a time (fairly soon) that the girl Tigers will be asking you boys to prom. And in return you will have to ask them to the TWIRP, or as some call it: Sadie Hawkins. How soon will you gentleman be wearing their letterwoman jackets around the hallways of Albert Lea High School?

Please do not hesitate as you can do the same things they did to become unbelievable athletes — practice, hit the weight room and then practice some more.

They dedicated a great deal of their time to getting better and that is what you need to also do. Maybe the next step is to thank these wonderful female athletes for breaking ground for you and setting the bar so high.

It would not hurt to ask them what do they do that makes them excel at athletics. What I am trying to say, boys, is that there is still time to turn this thing around.

Volleyball: seventh-grader Julia Deyak, Cameron Keyeski, sophomore Annie Ladwig, Sydney Rehnelt, and Bryn Woodside.

Cross country: sophomores Morgan Haney, Rachel Kenis and Emma Behling.

Soccer: sophomore Sarah Savelkoul, Anna Anderson, Grace Gjersvick, Hanna DeVries and freshman Taylor Thompson and Megan Kortan

Swimming: eighth-grader Lindsey Horejsi

Great job, Tigers in girls’ sports, in showing leadership and poise.

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