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Meet 2 beautiful mastiffs who need a home

Published 8:39am Monday, January 23, 2012

Column: Something About Nothing

I love Doc and Pig. I must admit I have never met Doc or Pig, but I feel like I have. I have come to love their pictures and the posts about their behavior.

Doc and Pig are rescue dogs awaiting a forever home with someone. Doc and Pig were rescued by Safe Sanctuary, which is a rescue group in Faribault.

I became acquainted with Safe Sanctuary when we adopted Sambo from them and reconnected with them when we no longer could give Sambo a home. It was in their contract that if for any reason we could not keep him he would go back to them.

As sad as I was to let Sambo leave our home I knew that this caring group would find him a new home as they are a no-kill rescue and find homes for all their dogs.

I was missing Sam so I signed up for Safe Sanctuary’s Facebook page just in case someone said something about him in his new home and that is where I fell in love with Doc and Pig.

Doc and Pig are two adorable mastiff boys that lost their home due to foreclosure.

When that happened they ended up living in a barn and their owners came once a day to feed them. Doc and Pig have spent their entire lives together. They take care of each other and would be lost without one another. Doc is 6 years old and Pig is 4 years old. They are house-trained, and they like to cuddle. They are big teddy bears or so I read. Their pictures make my heart melt.

Doc and Pig need a home. At Safe Sanctuary all the dogs live in foster homes and interact with the family. Their foster mom says they need a fenced yard with no kids or kids over 8 as sometimes when they play they seem a little rough since they are so big.

Pig is shyer and he looks to Doc for moral support. Safe Sanctuary would like to adopt them out together. Doc and Pig are big, drool a little and, of course, shed. Because they would like to be adopted together, it has kept them from finding a home faster.

Why am I writing about Doc and Pig and Safe Sanctuary? I was impressed with these volunteers before I joined their Facebook page but these people go the extra mile to save abused and neglected animals. My head spins when I see how busy and caring they are and how they agonize over a hurt and abused animal. I know from experience after they take in dogs they work with them and train them. Our Sam was the best dog ever.

Watching and seeing the posts about Pig and Doc made me decide to take their search for a home to my column. Perhaps one of my readers has that special home. These beautiful dogs deserve a loving home.

Safe Sanctuary and other Rescue Groups and Shelters need our support and our help. It may seem silly that we put so much attention on saving animals when we have so many humans who need saving too.

My feeling is that if someone cares that much for the life an animal then their love for humans is even greater. Animals help humans heal and love, because they show us unconditional love. Many times animals rescue humans with their love.

If you can give Doc and Pig a home please contact Safe Sanctuary. They are on Facebook and on Pet Finders. If Doc and Pig are not for you don’t forget about your local shelters and other rescue groups if you are thinking of adopting a dog, cat, snake, bird, etc. They also always can use financial help for food and vet bills.

Immanuel Kant said: “We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” Please open your heart for Doc or Pig or another rescue animal. It will be a love affair for life.


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