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Progress Edition to turn out excellent

Published 8:59am Thursday, February 23, 2012

Column: Thanks for Listening

I would like to take this time to thank everyone involved with our annual Progress Edition.

With more than 100 stories, lists and photos this year’s Progress Edition will take a long time to get through. We love the fact that we get to feature all the creative people and things that make our area amazing.

The 2012 edition will be in this Sunday, Feb. 26, and promises to include something for everyone. Thank you for allowing us to bring you this expanded edition of our area every year.

First, I would like to thank our readers for the support they continue to give us by reading both our daily paper and our annual Progress Edition.

I would then like to thank our advertisers, who allow us to prove year in and year out that our area has much to be proud of. Please go to these amazing advertisers and spend your money because they are who provide jobs, services and opportunities to everyone who loves and lives here in Southern Minnesota.

It is through the resources of both our readers and our advertisers that we can bring you such a large Progress Edition year after year, and we are so grateful to you all.

Our Progress issue would not be near the product without some heart and soul behind it, and we have the best.

I want to give a huge thank you to our entire staff at the Tribune.

Thank you to the editorial staff for the tireless dedication to the stories, people and photos that make up this year’s edition.

Thank you to our classified and retail advertising staffs, who starting in October 2011 plan out the needs of all of their customers and work hard to make sure everyone is taken care of and happy.

Thank you to our top-notch creative staff, who, from ad creation to layout take care of every fine detail in every page, font and advertisement that grace the pages of Progress 2012.

Thank you to our circulation team for delivering the heaviest edition of the year.

Thank you to our prepress and press people, who make sure all the printing is crisp and sharp.

Thank you to accounting for keeping it all straight for all of us.

And since one thank you does not seem enough:

I personally want to thank Crystal Miller, Tim Engstrom, Kelli Lageson, Andrew Dyrdal, Brandi Hagen, Stacey Bahr, Kathy Johnson, Val Sanderson, Lisa Foley, Rich Mirelli, Melissa Goodwin, Sarah Stultz, Danielle Boss, Clay Culpepper, Angie Hoffman, Michelle Haacke, Catherine Buboltz, Renee Citsay, Princess Michelle DaVeiga, Joan Miller, John Shuster and Terry Thissen.

You are all fantastic.


Tribune Publisher Scott Schmeltzer’s column appears every Thursday.