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Editorial: Consistency in their hypocrisy

Published 9:47am Monday, March 19, 2012


We are pleased to see that those on the sled dog journey to St. Paul from Ely and other points north to deliver petitions against copper/nickel/precious metals mining on the Iron Range had a safe trip and reached their State Capitol destination on Thursday.

Any time people, regardless their viewpoints, exercise their First Amendment right of free expression, that is good for our country.

They were greeted by but a handful of supporters at the Capitol, in stark contrast to a pro-nonferrous rally at the same place just a week or so ago.

But that’s fine.

After all, their message will be forever hyped as overwhelmingly supportive by a majority of people by their preservationist groups with deep pockets such as the Sierra Club and some cheerleading friends in the media, even though that is not the case.

And they likely traveled some of their ballyhooed sled dog trip on trails that are maintained by snowmobile clubs, even though environmental extremists are outraged by those winter engine-powered sled machines.

And they most likely kept in contact with family and friends — some of whom were likely fellow preservationist activists — via cell phones, even though such communication devices have innards with metals that will be mined at the nonferrous sites they are opposing.

And should they damage knees or hips with the vigorous and healthy sled dog activity they might need replacement surgery in the future, even though if that happens the medical marvels inserted to relieve severe pain and give them back mobility and better lives would also be made with nonferrous metals.

And when Mother Nature failed to cooperate with enough winter snow for the group to finish its trip by sled dog they had to take to vehicles to the finish line, even though those vehicles likely had environmentally friendly catalytic converters manufactured with nonferrous minerals.

We are mystified by, but do applaud, their consistent hypocrisy on the copper/nickel/precious metals mining issue.

— Mesabi Daily News, March 10