Gown-wearing firefighters tackle truck blaze

Published 9:38am Friday, March 23, 2012

SEDAN — Talk about hot fashion.

A couple of Minnesota volunteer firefighters wore flouncy long dresses with spaghetti straps as they fought a pickup fire.

The men and other members of the Sedan Fire Department were on a float wearing gowns, wigs, long gloves and jewelry Saturday as they waited for a St. Patrick’s Day parade to start in Padua. They were dressed to promote the fire department’s annual “beauty pageant” fundraiser this summer.

Just before the parade was to begin, someone shouted fire. Ben Terhaar and Ted Aubart jumped off the float and into the firetruck lined up for the parade.

YouTube video shows the two spraying water on the smoking pickup. One of the firefighters pulls up a shoulder strap as he runs.