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Progress: Mayo Clinic Health System in Albert Lea by the numbers

Published 12:51pm Wednesday, April 4, 2012

254,000 visits to the hospital for clinic visits, labs, radiology and for many other resources. Dave Pilot, the hospital’s chief financial officer, explained that many people have multiple visits per year.

77 beds the hospital is licensed to have. On average only about 35 to 40 are filled on a regular day at the hospital.

374 births at Mayo Clinic Health System in Albert Lea in 2011. The maternity ward is named The Baby Place.

2,596 admissions to the hospital in 2011.

2,851 surgeries were performed in 2001. That’s an average of almost eight per day.

278 nurses at the hospital.

79 providers at the hospital, including medical doctors, nurse practitioners and more.

800 allied health staff members, i.e., nurses, office staff, janitors, housekeeping; anyone who is not a provider.

5 administrators at the hospital. Also, several providers spend some of their time as administrators. An example would be Mark Ciota, a surgeon who also spends some of his time as the chief executive officer.

961 full-time employees at the hospital in Albert Lea.

142 number of times a helicopter landed in Albert Lea to transport a patient to the hospital’s facilities in Rochester. Pilot said most of those are for patients who need cardiac procedures.

232 million dollars of charges filled out from 2011 for Mayo Clinic Health System in Albert Lea. Mayo Clinic is a non profit organization.

137 million dollars collected by Mayo Clinic Health System in Albert Lea. That means almost $100 million of the $232 million that was billed was not paid, because of government write-offs and patients who cannot pay their bills.

4.8 million dollars in charity care and financial assistance given by Mayo Clinic Health System in Albert Lea. Pilot said the hospital never turns anyone away from services, including the uninsured and the under-insured (those with high deductibles). Pilot said the hospital has a program to help these people, and they prefer people sign up to the program in advance so they can be getting preventative care. That way the under-insured don’t let a medical problem get worse and then come in when it’s much more serious. “We’d rather see them in primary care than for them to just show up in the ER,” Pilot said.

85 million dollars paid out in salary and benefits for all the staff at Mayo Clinic Health System in Albert Lea.

60 percent of all patients at Mayo Clinic Health System in Albert Lea are covered by government programs like Medicare or Medicaid. Pilot said this reflects that many of the hospitals patients are seniors. He also said Albert Lea is one of the oldest communities in the state.