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Questions about coach pay

Published 10:22am Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Pay for coaches indeed should be equitable. It’s good that the Albert Lea school board is looking at making pay for coaches of varsity sports the same.

But there are many other questions worth considering.

A strong case could be made for time served. Shouldn’t long-serving coaches make more than a first-year coach?

Plus, shouldn’t an assistant coach who has been there for 10 or 15 years make more than first-year head coach?

And obviously shouldn’t a varsity coach only stay a varsity coach if they get results?

And shouldn’t the district have a process for removing unsuccessful coaches? For instance, a coach who wins zero games in a season should never return to lead a team the following year, which presently is allowed.

Moreover, why not hire coaches who aren’t teachers? In Minnesota, a teaching license is not required to be a coach. Some districts hire coaches from outside the district because of their knowledge a sport. Some of the Albert Lea teachers do a great job as coaches, but for some others, well, perhaps seeking the right coaches — not just ones who fill the bill — can turn around some of the district’s lagging programs.

At any rate, kudos to the district leaders for taking up the oft-forgotten issue of coach pay.