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What about the other half of A.L.?

Published 9:52am Friday, April 13, 2012


This summer we will experience Wind Down Wednesdays on Broadway Avenue, described as a communitywide event geared toward ages 21 to 55. The 2010 census shows that half the Freeborn County population is in that age range, with the other half being under 21 and over 55. When planning a communitywide event, wouldn’t it be better to include everyone?


Lenore Fries

Albert Lea


  • Dustin Petersen

    Just because an event is geared toward a certain demographic does not mean that those outside of that group are not welcome.

    It just means that those specifically within that group might find it more enjoyable than those outside that group. Most community events, in fact, are like this.

    How many things do we have in our community geared toward our youth and seniors? Why not have something in the middle?