Vikings prepare for future in Minnesota

Published 9:06am Monday, May 14, 2012

Column: Aaron Worm, Behind the Mic

No more what ifs, the Vikings are going to get a new stadium. I felt a little lost this weekend, after spending so much time following the story the last couple weeks. Gov. Mark Dayton is scheduled to sign the bill today, for the $975 million dollar stadium, with the state raising $348 million dollars.

As a stadium supporter, I thank Rep. Rich Murray, R-Albert Lea, and Sen. Dan Sparks, DFL-Austin, for their yes votes on the bill. I have said this before, I don’t think it was the perfect bill, but it did get done. Do I understand everything in the bill? Obviously not. I did skim through it online for a few minutes, until I figured it was more exciting playing solitaire on the computer. No wonder it took until the earlier morning hours for the house to vote, there is a lot of stuff in it.

I did like the fact the Vikings had to up the amount they are chipping in. I think that was a major factor in the bill passing. The Minneapolis City Council still needs to pass the bill as well, but it looks likes that will happen by the end of the month, even though is predicted to be by a slim margin.

So 2016 is the target date for the new stadium to open. We know the Metrodome has its flaws, but I think it has met the needs of fans, since it opened in the early ’80s. But what are some of the bells and whistles you would like to see in the new stadium?

I remember how cool I thought the scoreboard was at the Dome the first time I saw it. This big screen that only used one color, I guess you call it white, to show stats and other information. Things have changed just a little. I assume the Vikes will make sure the scoreboards at their new facility will at least mirror or try to outshine those used at TCF Bank Stadium and Target Field.

I hope they put scoreboards of some sort all over the place, so I never have to turn my head to see the score. I am not too fussy when it comes to what I would like to see in the new stadium, just basic things like a bigger concourse, more concession stands and more restrooms. If it has half the bells and whistles Target Field has, it will be an enjoyable place for Vikings fans to call home for years to come.

Now speaking of the home of the Twins, I spent Mother’s day with my wife and two sons there watching the Twins get past the Jays 4-3.

I love that since 2006, major league baseball players have worn pink wristbands, shoes and used pink bats to raise awareness for breast cancer on mom’s special day.

Shortstop Brian Dozier sported the pink cleats and hit his first major league homer. Behind every athlete and radio personality there is a great Mom. I hope all the moms enjoyed their day, happy belated Mother’s Day.


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