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Are Albert Leans disgraced by sign?

Published 9:01am Thursday, August 2, 2012

The residents of Albert Lea and the surrounding communities should be spurred to action by the sign on Front Street in Albert Lea that says: “Catch and Release – No; Deport Illegals – Si.”

While I don’t support the unlawful practice of undocumented individuals, I do support human dignity and respect. The person or people responsible for this sign should be called to task, and the community should make it known that we do not tolerate degradation and demoralization of our neighbors.

There are many ways that this issue can be discussed and resolved. Humiliation is not one of them. Is this freedom of speech or is it “bullying” — a term that has become so prominent in our community? The means of expressing this viewpoint is shameful, to say the least.


Karen Vanderploeg