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Military vets appreciated at the fair

Published 10:05am Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Column: Aymee Hanna, From the Fair

It’s Tuesday, Day 6 of the Minnesota State Fair and also, Military Appreciation Day.

Aymee Hanna

First and foremost, let’s thank all the members of the armed forces past, present and future who serve our country.

My father, James Goings; my sister, Sgt. Major Kimberly Green, and my own son, Pvt. Jesse Goings, who was recently deployed, have all served or are serving in the army, so I am especially grateful today.

If you are a member of the military, not only do you (and your spouse) get in today for $7 (This also includes retired vets and their spouses) vendors through out the fair are also offering discounts on food and merchandise. So come on up and enjoy the day!

Today’s conquest? It’s a toss up between fried pickles and something new to the fair: Ole’s Cannolis. Or maybe I’ll just have both. I have been walking an average of five miles a day while I am here, and let’s not forget my partner in crime, my husband, so I think I can afford it.

Tonight at the leinie lodge, Hairball is making its second appearance, and once again the show is free with gate admission. These guys are a blast, so be sure to try and catch them while you are here.

While I am off at the fair, I thought I’d give you a few fun facts:

• Saturdays attendance was 152,646, even though it rained a good portion of the day. Now that’s dedication, Minnesota!

• Before the fair found it’s permanent home here in St.Paul, Owatonna hosted the state fair.

• It is estimated that 1.8 million people will pass through the gate of the state fair this year.

• The fair has created it’s own app to download. It gives you all the new food, who has the deals and a map so you know how to get where you’re going. I highly recommend this.

Signing off for now.


Aymee Hanna is corresponding from the Minnesota State Fair for the Albert Lea Tribune.