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What are the secrets to eye makeup?

Published 10:15am Monday, August 6, 2012

Column: Something About Nothing

The eyes have it.

Actually, the idiom is: The ayes have it.

But when I say the eyes have it I am referring to the statement women’s eyes make depending on the makeup that they are wearing on their eyes. I am obsessed right now with women’s eyes. I know they say that the eyes are the window to the soul. By gazing into someone’s eyes we can usually tell if they are happy, sad, confused, mad or afraid. What does the makeup that we women wear on our eyes say about us?

If you gaze at the makeup or no makeup on my eyes on any given day they will tell you they are confused. My eyes are confused about the makeup they should be wearing.

I have old droopy eyes. I have never been in favor of plastic surgery but I discovered that if I hold my lids up on my eyes I can see better. Maybe that is why some people nip and tuck. I don’t think my droopy eyes could be misconstrued as bedroom eyes.

I remember as a teenager first wearing makeup. I wasn’t confused, I was excited. At that age we were over confident that makeup looked great no matter how overly made up we were. We had makeup to choose from but our choices were more limited than today. There were three colors of mascara and eyeliner, black, black/brown and brown. It wasn’t too difficult to decide what color liner and mascara to use.

Without eye makeup I have no eyes. I have always had blonde hair and blonde eye lashes. Recently someone was talking about the new style of lining inside the eyes with black eyeliner. A friend that is my age and I remarked that it was our style back in our day when we first started wearing makeup. It felt normal to go back to that style although I suppose no 62-year-old lady should have cat’s eyes.

I am confused and not because I am blonde. I haven’t been big on makeup the last year. I decided maybe a little makeup would make my droopy eyes look better. I didn’t have a problem deciding on eyeliner and eye shadow but when I turned to choose mascara I walked the aisles in confusion. When did they develop so many choices?

Do I want the Superextend extreme mascara, the Superextend waterproof mascara, the Supershock mascara or the Supershock extend mascara? Those were the choices my latest Avon book gave me. I checked the websites. I found 24 hours mascara, resistant mousse mascara, fusion water resistant mascara, volume blasting mascara, eye brightening mascara and the list can go on.

I was curious about L’Oreal’s False Fiber lashes mascara that came up in a Google Search so I clicked on the link. False fiber lashes is a break though in fiber mascara technology. According to the website it creates a unique blend of short rayon and nylon fibers.  This is the same fiber used in false eyelashes so using this mascara makes lashes to appear fuller, longer, curled and sculpted with a high gloss finish. I love to use high gloss finish on my painting projects. I guess my lashes will shine and be as durable as my painting projects.

The more I looked the more confused I became. I decided to choose my mascara in a very scientific way. I closed my eyes and chanted “I choose, I choose, I choose, it is youse. “ I then turned around three times, pointed over my shoulder and low and behold there it was. I made my choice for mascara.

The next time you see me, look into my eyes. See if you see sadness, happiness, quirkiness. Look into my eyes because they are the window to my soul. That is you will see those emotions if you can get past the pink and purple curly double stranded fiber curlicue mascara that now enhances my eyes. That is the secret to eye makeup. If we wear thick enough, quirky enough color you will never get past the lashes to look into our soul to see the happiness, sadness, madness or whatever emotion we want to hide.

“The beauty of a woman must be seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.”  — Audrey Hepburn


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