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Do not give Obama four more years

Published 9:52am Friday, September 28, 2012

My wife and I went to see the movie “2016,” showing how things will be if President Obama gets re-elected in November. It was a real eye opener, not for just Republicans, Democrats or independents, but for everyone. Things in 2016 are going to be really bad if he gets in office again. It revealed some of the things he is planning on doing, which will not be pleasant for anyone.

Twenty-three million people are looking for work right now. President Obama has never run a business, but makes all of these rules so small businesses cannot survive.

Gas prices have doubled since President Obama took office. At that time gas was $1.84 a gallon, and now it is nearing $4 a gallon. North Dakota has got a lot of oil, but they have to truck it out because President Obama will not give permission to build a pipeline to the refineries. He also will not OK the pipeline from Canada into Texas. I think he wants us to continue to buy oil from the Arab countries.

I feel so sorry for our fighting men and women who have the present commander in chief  who does not make the correct decisions. Our U.S. generals have tried tell him what is needed, but he does not carry out the advice that the generals give him.

Our constitution was written many years ago, and our current president does not honor those words. He does not seem to honor our American flag.

If you people want your children, grandchildren, great- and great-great-grandchildren protected from this awful debt that we are in, think about voting a new president in to run our country.


Duane Hatleli

Albert Lea

  1. Winnie Goette

    You should go on the Internet and read about the weirdo that wrote that, he is not all together. Look back in history at other presidents, their all have successes and failures. The republicans tear the democrats apart and vice versa. This is why we need to get rid of the parties. I will never vote for Flip-Foppy Romney, and I am one of the 47% that retired. But I am not a victim nor do live off the government, I worked and earned everything I get.

  2. Al Helgerson


    Do not fly on planes!
    I repeat.
    Do not fly on planes!
    I saw a movie where they had snakes on planes!
    It was a movie so it just has to be true.

    Some people really need to turn the channel.
    News flash
    This is getting hilarious.

  3. Scott Bute

    I did. Dinesh d’Souza born in Mumbai India. Age 51. Married to wife Dixie, one daughter Danielle. Graduated with honors from Dartmouth college. Intellectual, scholar, author, fellow at Hoover Institute and Stanford University. Currently President of Kings College in NYC. Political commentator and former policy advisor to President Reagan. (oops, blew his cover with that one). The point is Winnie, I can go on the internet and find out that Mother Teresa was a wacko who exploited the poor for her own narcissitic reasons. As for Al’s comments, the American people who are suffering the pain of this abysmal Obama economic disaster do not have to watch Fox news to find out what the president has in store for them. They are living it everyday.

  4. Winnie Goette

    Scott, I know what Obama has done and what he hasn’t accomplished, I will vote for him. Flip-flop Romney don’t care about anyone but himself and his rich cronies. He sticks his foot in mouth all the time and won’t talk about it, just skirts around the issues all the time. Wants to give us vouchers! Gripes about China but yet he out sourced jobs to them. No thank you, no Romney.

  5. Randy Kruckeberg

    He He he….. Al you kill me

    What is it with you and Fox News nobody makes you watch it, unless I get elected then your will have only one choice and that will be Fox News that will be the only channel YOU get to watch……EVER!!!

    It’s hard to get real news with the M.S.M Propaganda arm of the D.N.C./D.F.L.

    Does anybody even watch “something yellow running down my leg” Chrissy Matthews or some of the other media clown circus? The reporting or lack there of any other stories that don’t fit “the message” is criminal reporting news is a thing of the past.

    It proves the point “control the media and control the message control the people” most people are nothing more than sheep looking for a master. I like the term “sheeple” this process was done with great effect in the 19th century.

    Just a note……You only can cheat reality for just so long before time is not your friend and the truth becomes self evident to even the most ardent of kool aid drinkers.