To fall sports.

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Editorial: Thumbs

Published 2:50pm Saturday, September 1, 2012

We are glad to see some of our favorite sports back in action. Football, volleyball, soccer, cross country, tennis and swimming and diving. Some sports the boys play this season and other sports the girls play and some they both play, but no matter who is on the field, what’s important is the lessons they learn from sports: have fun, be a team, follow a plan, value lifelong health, do your best, be a good sport and appreciate the fan support.

To the watershed district moving.

The Shell Rock River Watershed District is a government agency, and, perhaps we are old-fashioned, but we feel it serves the public best when government agencies are located in central locations like a courthouse or a city hall. The district offices are going to move from the Freeborn County Courthouse to 214 W. Main St. We understand why the watershed district needs to move, and the new digs are still downtown, so that’s a plus. Still, members of the public will miss the convenience of finding watershed district staff at the courthouse when they are there on other government-related matters.

To the justice system.

Ramsey County Judge Elena Ostby sentenced Pah Ber to 30 years in prison for the murder of Albert Lean Po Lye. It was the maximum time allowable in Minnesota for the charge of second-degree murder. That’s good. As refugee immigrants from the Karen population in Burma, no one had deep roots in the community. They are a clear minority. Yet the Minnesota courts, as they should, treated the case with the same fairness and respect as longtime Americans. There are still places in America where that is a problem. Perhaps we take such matters for granted in the North Star State, but, even so, it’s good to know our courts are diligent and just no matter the race, creed or color of the victim. Ostby called Ber’s crimes “particularly heinous” and gave him what he deserved. We hope the best for Lye’s family and friends in the wake of his tragic passing.