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Editorial: Thumbs

Published 6:12am Sunday, September 9, 2012

Editorial: Thumbs

To the South Central Drug Task Force.

Marijuana has become the drug that far too many people consider to be OK to possess, sell and consume, regardless of its illegal status. It’s good to know local law enforcement isn’t skipping over the matter in an attempt to address more serious crimes. The South Central Drug Task Force cited many people for possessing it and related paraphernalia Thursday along the roads near Harmony Park. While the concert venue is a nice place to camp and enjoy music, the drug use spoils the happy setting, particularly for law-abiders who want to see shows, too. We hope the venue’s owners address the problem, rather than complaining about the enforcement.


To bridge crashes.

Crashes are bad enough. Crashing in a manner that damages bridges places other motorists in danger. A weakened bridge or guardrail makes the route less safe than before. The farmer whose folded cultivator hit the Interstate 90 overpass over Minnesota Highway 13 could have prevented that crash by knowing the height of his cultivator or having a buddy get out and see how close the situation would be before attempting to go beneath the overpass. The trucker whose tire blew while on the Interstate 35 overpass over East Main Street cannot be faulted so easily for a problem tire, but, still, the crash-and-burn incident was a good example of why there is a continual push to make big rigs safer for the motoring public.


To the Albert Lea girls’ youth hockey program.

It was something to see. Nearly 30 skated on in-line skates, aka Rollerblades, around Fountain Lake on Aug. 31. OK, a few were on bikes, but most of them were scooting along with skates as part of an effort to recruit more players to the program. We commend the program for its original thinking. Another skate is planned for Sept. 21. If you are a pre-high school girl, be there!

  1. Patrick Cunningham

    Hypocritical Albert Lea…city of drunks.