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Tax cuts haven’t led to jobs

Published 9:46am Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Don’t be outschlecked. Put the blame where it belongs.

When Barack Obama took over the country, it was $10 trillion in the red. Now it is $16 trillion in the red. How did this happen? It started when the George W. Bush administration lowered the tax. Never before had any country lowered the tax when it was in the middle of a war.

It’s not going to stop until the most fortunate people start paying their fair share and all our troops are brought home. The Republicans want the middle class to pay for this bill. It does not matter who is president — everyone is going to have to tighten their belt and pay for this Bush catastrophe. The Republicans want you to believe that giving welfare to the most fortunate will create more jobs.

If this is true than why didn’t it work for the Bush tax cut? Take for example the Koch brothers, who probably are the biggest contributors to the Republican Party. They were worth $29 billion when Bush lowered the tax. They are now worth $50 billion. They now have 20 percent fewer employees than they had when the Bush tax cut took place. So don’t listen to no schleckster who wants you to believe that voting for a Republican is good for you. Did you notice that George W. Bush wasn’t invited to the National Republican Convention?


Wayne Thorson

Albert Lea

  1. Randy Kruckeberg

    Uhhhh…. Wayne

    Raising taxes does not raise personal wealth or prosperity because if it did Minnesota and California would be booming instead of busting. People are leaving because they want to keep what they earn and are sick and tired of people telling what they can and cannot do!