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World War III is already under way

Published 8:30am Friday, September 21, 2012

Column: Don Sorensen, Guest Column

This column was first drafted before the current unrest in the Mideast, which has reinforced my beliefs.

Most people don’t realize it, but World War III has been under way for several decades. Free societies around the world are under siege.

Don Sorensen

Make no mistake about it. It is the goal of the radical Muslims to destroy every vestige of freedom around the world and install a Muslim autocracy that governs with Sharia law. Europe is already making compromises to appease the Muslim populations in their countries. They did the same with Hitler, and we all know how well that worked out.

The radical Muslims have no intention of co-existing with other religions. Moderate Muslims, who make up the vast majority of Muslims, do not have the courage to stand up to the radical element within their religion. They know full well that they will become targets if they speak out and thus become complacent by their silence.

The radicalized Muslims are very patient and are thinking in terms of generations, not years. If they succeed, and they well may, the world as we know it will cease to exist. Women will lose the status they have in the free world. Don’t believe me? Take a good look at women’s statuses in Muslim countries.

There are countless radical Muslim cells now operating in the United States waiting their turn to terrorize us. Our overcrowded prisons are hotbeds for converting inmates to the Muslim faith and then radicalizing them.

The United States has been bending over backward trying to meet their requests and appease Muslims. There is a point where being politically correct becomes detrimental to the country’s future. We are already past that point.

We are dealing with an enemy whose goals are very different from those of the common man in the Western world. The radicalized Muslim does not hesitate to martyr themselves and their children for what they see as the greater good. Their children are taught to hate Americans and Jews in school.

The next generation of radicals are now being schooled. They are not out to garner the riches of the world but to crush those they believe to be the infidels of the world. That’s us, folks.

It is only a matter of time before radicals control Iraq and the rest of the Middle East. The same will happen in Afghanistan the second we leave. We cannot win in Afghanistan. Our attempt at nation building there has been a fool’s folly. They have been only too happy to see us expend American blood and money on a lost cause. The hopes for democracy coming out of the Arab Spring uprisings have been dashed as hard-line autocrats are gaining power.

What can we do?

The first step is to secure our boarders. Considering how easy it is for a Mexican to walk across the border we would be naive to believe that radical Muslims are not doing the same. We must take a hard look at the foreign students, especially Muslims attending our colleges, and must take steps to ensure that they leave the country when their student visas expire. We must stop accepting refugees from Muslim countries. Convicted terrorists must not be incarcerated with the general prison populations.

We need to stop buying Middle East oil. A portion of the money we spend for oil ends up in terrorists’ hands to kill our soldiers and fund Muslim schools, teaching hate, around the world and in the USA.

We need to stop sending foreign aid to countries who support or allow anti-American radicals to operate.

We need to follow Australia’s lead and establish a firm policy that our morals, laws and standards must be complied with. If Muslims can’t live under our rules, they can go home. We need to stop catering to their requests. No taxpayer funds should be spent to accommodate them that would not also be spent on other religions. If they need special accommodations at airports and other public buildings they should pay for the improvements themselves.

This may sound harsh, but we are in a war of survival. Until moderate Muslims of the world (the vast majority) rise up against the extremists in their midst all must be treated with vigilance.

The radical Muslim believes America is weak, a soft paper tiger, that will, one step at a time, give them everything they want. A conventional war is not possible with the radical Muslims as they have no army. They function as independent terrorist cells living among civilian populations. They are among civilian populations all around the earth.

We must maintain a strong military and not apologize for taking actions necessary to protect this country’s citizens, our allies and interests around the world.

Strength and a firm resolve is the only thing that will keep us safe. This may be a war that cannot won, but it is war we can and are losing.

America and the Western world have an aging population. It is the belief of the radical Muslims that they will never have to fight a direct war with America, instead they will quietly go about terrorizing us, emigrating and raising large families and in time will simply out-number us. This is already happening in many areas in Europe.

As Americans it is our responsibility to prevent a second Jewish holocaust. Which is what Iran is preparing for. I despise war, but Iran must not be allowed to have nuclear weapons

It is time to stop apologizing for being American, and time to elect leaders who will stand up for freedom. Currently we have a Congress that bends over backward to meet Muslim religious demands and in Obama we have a president who at best is a Muslim sympathizer and at worst a closet Muslim.


Albert Lea resident Don Sorensen is a student of history and an avid reader of current events. He is a constitutional libertarian.