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Good reasons for Obama? What?

Published 9:22am Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mitt Romney has been criticized for the comment he made about the 74 percent vote that Barack Obama will get.

Let’s take a look at some of these votes. Quotes from Sunday’s paper when people were asked who they were going to vote for. 1. “I’m going to vote for Obama because its cool to have a black president.” 2. “I’m voting for Obama because his wife is a good mother.” Good reasons, huh?

A few weeks ago a lady said Obama took office when Bush left him a financial mess, if so why didn’t he fix it? He had four years to do so, instead he puts over $5 trillion further in debt.

Obama will get the Latino vote. Why? Because he gave back-door amnesty to the illegals, and he will get 90 percent of the black vote because he’s black.

Some people have no idea what they are voting for or what that person represents.


Gabby White

Albert Lea

  • Gus

    Yep why would you give amnesty to people that come here illegally………….for the votes daaaaaa………they say they come to have a better life but yet pay thousands to get here…… makes you think what else they are doing illegal???????????

  • wingo

    We had illegals for years, you all just have to blame everything on Obama. Romney is not the answer!

  • wingo

    By the wat Gabby, it’s 47%

  • Gus

    Blame everything on NOBAMA huh! kinda like you people that blame everything on Bush………….NOBAMA has had his chance,time for someone new…..

  • wingo

    Who in the heck mentioned Bush? You must blame him you brought it up. We are not thru yet, he is moving forward, the only thing Romney is moving is our jobs over to China.

  • Scott Bute

    To answer Winnie’s question “who in the heck mentioned Bush”? Obama did. Over and over and over and over and over and over and over again ad nauseum. It was really fun watching the president squirm during the debate when he was finally called out on the economic disaster of his policies. No left wing media to help. No teleprompter to turn to. No 30 second Romney bash ad responses. Just him and Romney. (Romney was the guy smiling and actually looking at the President while he addressed him.) Obama may drink a Red Bull and be more alert for the next debate but he is still stuck defending his abysmal record which he cannot do so expect more of the same.