Scoreboard: Oct. 1

Published 8:27am Tuesday, October 2, 2012


The following results are Albert Lea’s times from the Maroon and Gold Invitational on Saturday. Overall, the Tigers placed seventh out of 13 teams. Lindsey Horejsi set a record in the 100-yard breastroke at the meet.


200-yard relay: Bergland, Horejsi, Jensen, Anderson (third, 1:55.51); Sandon, Nielsen, Hertling, Carly Nelson (thirteenth, 2:05.31)


200-yard freestyle: Haley Simon (thirteenth, 2:09.79); Rasmussen (thirty-third, 2:18.55); Dahl (thirty-sixth, 2:21.47); Williams (fourty-third, 2:30.00)


200-yard individual medley: Sandon (twenty-fourth, 2:31.29); Jensen (thirty-third, 2:34.41); Fitzlaff (fourty-third, 3:07.79)


50-yard freestyle: Andersen (third, 25.22); Carly Nelson (twentieth, 27.89); Nielsen (thirty-fourth, 28.71); Fitzlaff (fourtieth, 30.63)


Diving: Kriewall (sixth, 179.90); See-Rockers (thirteenth, 137.15); Nafzger (thirty-second, 74.30)


100-yard freestyle: Carly Nelson (twenty-seventh, 1:10.36); Hertling (thirty-second, 1:12.56); Jensen (thirty-third, 1:12.59); Anderson (fourty-first, 1:33.28)


100-yard freestyle: Horejsi (first, 53.03); Andersen (third, 55.35); Bergland (twenty-third, 1:00.79); Claire Nelson (twenty-eighth, 1:01.71)


500-yard freestyle: Haley Simon (nineteenth, 5:56.76); Rasmussen (twenty-sixth, 6:07.30); Dahl (thirty-fourth, 6:22.05); Lexie Simon (fourty-fifth, 7:20.40)


200-yard freestyle: Andersen, Jensen, Haley Simon, Horejsi (fourth, 1:43.26); Carly Nelson, Hertling, Rasmussen, Bergland (seventeenth, 1:52.66)


100-yard backstroke: Sandon (nineteenth, 1:07.94); Claire Nelson (twenty-eighth, 1:12.38); Williams (thirty-third, 1:13.64); Fitzlaff (fourty-second, 1:19.39)


100-yard breaststroke: Horejsi (first, 1:03.38); Nielsen (twelveth, 1:15.61); Hertling (eighteenth, 1:17.22); Battle (thirty-third, 1:24.25)


Horejsi set the meet record in the breaststroke. The previous record was set by Leah Pronschinske in 2009 with a time of 1:04.16.


400-yard freestyle: Haley Simon, Bergland, Sandon, Claire Nelson (thirteenth, 4:05.77); Rasmussen, Dahl, Williams, Nielsen (thirty-second, 4:35.73)