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Secretary Ritchie wants it 2 ways

Published 1:03pm Monday, October 8, 2012

The Minnesota secretary of state was in town Tuesday and he spoke for over an hour to a packed room at the Freeborn County Courthouse. The secretary told us at length how smart he is, how Minnesotans are much smarter than citizens of other states (that was refreshing!), and how 84,000 older Minnesotans are not smart enough to find their ID. He was adamant that election judges do not have enough time to check IDs, and then he stated that probably no one has ever cast a fraudulent vote in Minnesota. What?

He implied that Minnesota could not afford the cost of an honest election. He also insisted that he was politically neutral, at the same time having his aids hand out a flier with 22 statements opposing ID checks.

He felt there was not enough time left for many questions. However before leaving town, he wanted everyone in Albert Lea to know how honest he is (“honest because he was raised on a farm somewhere”).

Thank God skunks don’t steal eggs! Or do they?


Jerrold Dettle

Albert Lea