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Who should we send out to pitch?

Published 10:00am Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I read this letter in a newspaper in Casper, Wyo., that was written by an man from Rock Springs, Wyo. I thought it was so good and worth sharing. The headline was, “Send in the right pitcher.”

“Imagine it’s February 2001, and former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush meet on the pitcher’s mound at Dodger Stadium. Bill’s holding a shovel and he says to George, ‘Well, George, it’s your baby now! I’ve left you with this beautiful surplus to pitch from. You should be able to throw strikes for the country. Good luck!’”

“He passes the shovel to W. and walks off. George snickers, ‘Heh, heh, heh,’ and says, ‘Well now, we don’t really need this much of a surplus to throw strikes! I’ll just give it to the folks that paid to put me in office.’ And he uses the shovel to start throwing the surplus to his buddies.

“Fast forward to February 2009, and George is standing at the bottom of a 10-foot pit. He’s holding that very same shovel as he speaks to President-elect Barack Obama. ‘Here you go fella, or can I call you ’Bama?’” (He really did). ‘You know, Rock? Rock-o’bama! Heh, heh heh.’ He then scampers out of the hole, taking the shovel with him.

“‘I’d let you have it, but my friends on the Hill said not to. Gotta do what’s best for them, don’cha know. And he disappears from view.

“Obama looks around and goes, ‘Oh, boy. I can’t even see the home plate from here. How am I supposed to throw strikes for America?’ Above his head he can see the clear blue sky of prosperity, but he can’t reach it from the bottom of the pit that the Republicans left the country in. So he leaps up, grabs a handful of dirt and brings it back down into the hole. He does this tirelessly for 3 1/2 years with no shovel and no help from the Republicans. And the hole begins to fill in. But it’s not fast enough for anyone’s satisfaction.

“Now his first term is almost over and the country is still staring up at the promise of prosperity, while the same Republicans that dug this pit in the first place are calling him an ineffective loser. Yet, they refuse to help him fill it in. Why? Because regaining power is more important to them than the prosperity of the country.

“It’s your choice who we send to the mound this November. Make it the right one for the country, and not the party.”

The letter was attributed to Leslie D. Punches of Rock Springs, Wyo. It was published in the Casper Star Tribune on Aug. 30.


Jackie Graveman

Albert Lea

  • john Forman

    Nice story but it’s not a game that we are talking about we have to get it right this time. Obama promised three strikes in his first term. Lower unemployment by half, cut the deficit in half get the economy moving. He failed on all three and admits it. Just leave me in and will do better doesn’t cut it with good managers they replace the pitcher; voters are the managers and Mitt Romney is the guy for the job.

  • Al Helgerson

    Good job Jackie!
    The hole that Bush and his policies put us in ended being deeper than anyone even in their wildest dreams could ever imagine. So obviously it will take longer to get out.
    Minnesotans know this and will vote for four more years of progress vs going back to Romney and the Bush agenda that put us here in the first place. I just hope the rest of the country is as wise as MINNESOTA.

  • Scott Bute

    Only were not getting out of the hole Al, it’s getting deeper and deeper. Obamanomics has taken us from 10.6 Trillion in deficit to 16.1 in less than four years! That is a 51 percent increase. Take a little longer? We are next door to Greece now! If the press would actually do their job, this guy wouldn’t get elected to dog catcher anywhere. Now we have the giant cover up with four dead Americans and the press as usual does little or nothing. How can Obama go on for two weeks blaming a video on a premeditated TERRORIST attack on our embassy while his own State Department was watching the attack unfold in real time and receiving e-mails begging for help which they denied. We won’t have to put up with it much longer, it’s gotten so bad for Obama that even liberal Minnesota is in play for Romney now.