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Editorial: Vote no on same-sex marriage amendment

Published 10:26am Friday, November 2, 2012

Vote no on Tuesday to the constitutional marriage amendment that will read: “Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to provide that only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as marriage in Minnesota?”

On that date, Minnesotans will have the chance to do what dozens of other states have failed to do. They get to show support for their friends, family members and neighbors in a basic civil rights issue. The games of intolerance that involve race, color and sexual orientation have no place in a world that needs to work much harder toward erasing narrow-mindedness.

A no vote won’t make gay marriage legal; it will, however, allow us and future generations to continue to take part in the conversation about what marriage is, and what it should be.

A yes vote constitutionally limits this right — possibly for good.

We think limiting the freedom of dialogue for future generations is wrong.

We believe that love and commitment are the fundamental foundations of any marriage and to withhold this basic right and impose a government mandate against a same-sex union is wrong.

A yes vote will be a huge step backward for the state and for rights for good people everywhere. A yes vote is government interference in people’s freedom, in people’s personal lives.

We believe that either future generations through the ballot box or their federal courts will overturn the amendment anyway, should it pass — just as past generations overturned intolerant laws ranging from to interracial marriage to the basic right to vote.

We as a state need to be able to continue to offer open discussion about issues so that our future generations will have a voice as well. We may not all agree on the issue of same-sex marriage, but we should all believe in having a voice and having that voice heard.

Let’s be on the right side of history. Vote no on this marriage amendment.


  1. Scott Bute

    Your argument is based on the premise that adults involved in these relationships need to be heard. All the arguments from the vote no folks are based on what adults want never once considering what is good for children who are the primary reason for marriage in the first place! You mentioned that government should not interfere in this matter? Need I remind you that it is legislators, courts and judges who have forced same sex marriages unto states like Iowa, New York and Massachusetts? Have you ever once considered the importance of religious freedom in all of this? You guys talk a lot about First Amendment rights. So how about the rights of organizations such as Catholic Charities who have been forced to close because they would not allow adoptions to same sex couples because it violated their deeply held religious beliefs? How about people who work as wedding planners who are threatened with lawsuits because they refuse to do same sex weddings? Is that fair? There is way more to this than the wants of certain adults. Think of the common good of our society. Once you redefine what marriage is you better be prepared because there will be no stopping further redefinitions in the future. We can protect marriage between one man and one woman by voting yes on November 6!