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Republicans spew lies, lies and lies

Published 10:15am Friday, November 2, 2012

To all you Republicans who complain about President Obama, who do you think you are kidding? First of all you say price of gas was $1.85 when he was sworn in, but gas was $2 more six months earlier. The reason why the gas price decreased is the economy tanked.

On the XL Pipeline, the pipeline would have gone right through a major aquifer in Nebraska. Water is very important for drinking and for crop irrigation. The governor of Nebraska didn’t want it either, and he is a Republican.

In your ads, you say you want to rebuild the middle class. If that is true, why are you against unions? People in unions make more money than if they were not in a union!

You complain about China, but you are the ones who shipped the jobs over there.

You complain about the deficit and the unemployment rate. There is a simple solution to that. End the Bush tax cuts. It’s been 10 years and no results. Let’s vote on the Bush tax cuts for the people making more than $250,000.

Finally some complain about the 47 percent. Some are old or disabled and can’t work. For the rest, the solution is simple, give them a raise! Henry Ford was a very smart man. He gave his employees a raise so they could buy his car!

Vote DFL on Nov. 6.


Miles Pechacek

Albert Lea

  • Angry1

    So Miles this represents the party of tolerance and inclusiveness you seem intolerant and hateful towards others.

  • Scott Bute

    Would you like some lies from the current president? How abut the Benghazi Libya cover up. There are four dead Americans and an administration that lied about it blaming it on a video for two weeks and now won’t call a press conference to tell Americans the truth. The father of the dead American SEAL is especially distraught and has been given no answers. They knew this was a terror attack the moment it was happening and they lied about it. Shameful. This is worse than Watergate because there are four dead American heros that should still be alive.