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Vote against the 2 amendments

Published 5:57am Sunday, November 4, 2012

On Election Day, we have the right and obligation to cast our ballots to elect those who will represent us. This year in Minnesota there are two constitutional questions on the ballot. One to restrict marriage to one man and one woman and the other would require a photo ID to vote. Neither of these amendments is needed nor should they pass.

Marriage in Minnesota is already defined in law as between one man and one woman. Even if you believe that marriage should be limited in this fashion, and I don’t, you should vote no. Why? The question and definition of marriage should remain as it is today in the hands of the Legislature. The proposed change is an attempt by the current Legislature to impose its will on those elected in the future. That is just wrong.

Like the marriage amendment, the voter ID and other changes that may strengthen the integrity of our voting system can and should be made in the Legislature working with the governor. These changes should not be written into our Constitution.

There has been an increasing effort of late to go around the legislative process and, from my view, abuse the ability to change the state Constitution. Having had the privilege of representing our area in the Minnesota House of Representatives for eight years, I see the current ballot questions as a failure of the Legislature to do their required work. We can and should demand better from our elected officials.

Please join me in voting no on both constitutional questions.


Dan Dorman

Albert Lea

  • Al Helgerson

    It’s nice to see my old friend Dan make such good common sense.

  • john Forman

    Dan suggests that the legislature should make these decisions and I am sure the legislature in Iowa agreed but the State Supreme Court took that option away from the legislature. The same thing will happen in Minnesota unless it is in the constitution. Support the amendment to keep the law in the hands of the people not the liberal judges.
    As for the voter ID issue no one wants to talk about the thousands of same day voter registration cards that come back marked address unknown? Al Franken was elected by a hand full of votes how many people voted outside their district? We will never know. The liberal would rather see 5000 illegal votes rather than put reasonable Id plans in place.