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12 Cats of Christmas

Published 6:12am Sunday, December 16, 2012

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me a feline from the Humane Society.

The Humane Society of Freeborn County is filled with animals that are in need of forever homes. The shelter has dogs and 35 cats and kittens waiting for a permanent home.

Graphic by Kathy Johnson and April Miller

A special deal is available on animals until Jan. 1. All dogs will be $50; cats older than 1 year are $15 and kittens are $25.

For information on adopting any of these animals, contact the Humane Society at 373-7501 or check their website at

The shelter is located in Frank Hall Park.



Tiny came into the shelter as a kitten. He’s loving and affectionate. Tiny would be great with kids of all ages and doesn’t mind being around other cats. He was an energetic kitten, but now is much calmer at 2 years old.



Kali is a shy tabby cat who came into the shelter in the summer of 2011 as a stray. She gets along with other cats, but would prefer being in a home with just one other cat. She likes to take care of smaller and younger cats, and is currently in a foster home due to stress from the shelter.



Violet is 2 years old and came into the shelter with her son, Cosmo. She’s friendly and likes being around kids of all ages and other cats. She especially enjoys toy mice.



Cosmo is named after a crazy TV character because of how he first behaved, but now he’s a much calmer 8-month-old cat. He gets along well with other cats and would be good for a family with children of any age.



Maryann is 2 years old. She came to the shelter in a group of four cats, the rest of whom have been adopted. She is shy and would need to go to a quiet home. A home with other cats would be OK, but no dogs. She would be best in a home with only adults. Maryann needs patience, but she’s a loving animal.



Mimi came into the shelter as a sick cat, but has since been nursed back to full health. She has a bit of an attitude and is independent. She would be best in a home with older children or just adults.



Roco was brought into the shelter almost starved to death. He now is a healthy cat but is extremely shy and timid. He would be good in a home with only one or two other cats. Roco needs patience and love and a home without too much change.



Montana is 1 year old and came into the shelter after being found in a live trap. He was scared and shy at first but is now a work in progress. He’s very loving once he gets to know you. He would be best in a home without small children.



Trey is a tabby who was found outside. He’s shy at first but would warm up once he gets to know you. Trey would do best in a quieter home with no young children. He gets along well with other cats.



Kimie is a tabby who was born at the shelter. She works well with other cats. She is a mellow cat who would be good with young children.



Sasha is 3 years old and was brought into the shelter a year ago. Sasha is lonely in the shelter because she used to live with other cats in a home. She’s mellow and loving.



Ella was found with her three kittens who have all been adopted. She’s a sweet and affectionate cat who loves to snuggle. She gets along well with children of all ages.


Stocking stuffers for cats

• Cat beds
• Rubber backed rugs for cages
• Large heavy crocks for water
• Cat toys
• Scratching posts

Stocking stuffers for dogs

• Rawhide bones
• Real marrow bones
• Kong toys
• Dog treats
• Dog toys