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Abortion or guns killed more kids?

Published 9:27am Friday, December 28, 2012

President Barack Obama is working hard to take away some more of our freedom with gun control.

Yes, it’s a bad thing when a gun gets in the hands of some lunatic, but the same thing happens when this bad guy gets in a car. Cars kill people, also. What are you going to do? Take our cars away, also?

This past year 54 people were killed in mass killings with guns.

In 1999 through 2011, more than 47,000 kids were killed by abortion clinics, but that’s OK, right?

I’ll make a deal with the Obama clan. You abolish abortion clinics, and I’ll hang up my guns.

By the way, I have no use for an assault weapon, but it’s our right to own one if we want one.


Gabby White

Albert Lea