All-Area football 2nd team announced

Published 8:00am Sunday, December 23, 2012

On the Tribune’s football All-Area second team are two Glenville-Emmons players, four from New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva, one from Lake Mills and three from Northwood-Kensett.


Dan Kirsch, senior, Glenville-Emmons

Dan Kirsch was a tight end for the Wolverines. He led the team in tackles with 89. Kirsch was 1-1 in rushing with one touchdown, 4-71 in receiving and made two sacks.


Devin Nelson, sophomore, Glenville-Emmons

Devin Nelson was the Wolverines’ quarterback. He led the team with 648 passing yards. Nelson was 70-99 in rushing with two touchdowns, 49-121-648 in passing with three touchdowns, and he made 54 tackles.


Noah Krell, junior, NRHEG

Noah Krell is an offensive lineman for New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva. Krell made 34 solo tackles, 33 assisted tackles and two sacks for a season total of 69 tackles.


Jon Erickson, senior, Lake Mills

Jon Erickson was an outside linebacker for the Bulldogs. He was named First Team All-District. He also played fullback. Erickson made 65 tackles including two sacks, recorded 165 rushing yards and was 8-189 in receiving with two touchdowns.


Logan Butler, senior, Northwood-Kensett

Logan Butler was a defensive back for the Vikings. Butler recorded 55 tackles and was second on the team in rushing with 420 yards. He was named First Team All-District.


Brad Claycomb, senior, NRHEG

Brad Claycomb was a runningback for the Panthers. Claycomb averaged 85 yards per game in rushing and 17.2 in receiving. He also recorded 20 tackles and was 1-3-12 in passing.


Casey Rosacker, senior, NRHEG

Casey Rosacker was the Panthers’ quarterback. Rosacker led the team in total offense with 87.6 yards per game. He made 230 plays in the season. Rosacker was 91-102 in rushing with one touchdown, 53-139-686 in passing with three touchdowns and made 25 tackles.


Lucas George, senior, United South Central

Lucas George played as both an offensive and defensive lineman for the Rebels. He was named Honorable Mention in the Gopher Conference and named Team Offensive and Defensive Lineman of the Year.

George recorded 55 tackles and seven block kicks.


Cameron Batton, senior, Northwood-Kensett

Cameron Batton, the Vikings quarterback, was named All-District Honorable Mention. He was named second team All-District defensive back as a junior. Batton had eight career interceptions and led the team in rushing with 603 yards. He also recorded 284 passing yards.


Brady Cotter, senior, Northwood-Kensett

Brady Cotter was a linebacker for Northwood-Kensett. Cotter was named First Team All-District. He was a two-year two-way starter who played tight end on offense. He led the Vikings in tackles with 71.


Nick Bartness, sophomore, NRHEG

Nick Bartness was a running back for the Panthers. Bartness made 72 tackles, was 37-148 in rushing with one touchdown and 10-46 in receiving.