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Expand how you define community

Published 9:26am Monday, December 24, 2012

With the election over Democrats are challenged to hold the Democratic Party accountable. The economic bubble was inflated by bond raters who following free market principles, tailored their rating to please their customers: the packagers of financial junk. This conspiracy should be prosecuted under the RICOH laws enacted to control organized crime. Why are these perps still in business? The Democrats find it hard to bite the hand that feeds them, more so while we clamor for jobs. Why are we so driven to convert the planet’s resources into more stuff?

Many of us our driven by our debts. Some believe that owning more stuff gives more status. Others hope that more wealth will provide personal security. Whatever their motivation most are reduced to wage slavery. Free yourself! Pay off your debts. Don’t need it, don’t buy it. Need it occasionally? Borrow or rent it. Share your tools, toys and talents with others. Build community. Define community as broadly as your imagination will allow.

In freeing ourselves from over-consumption we conserve the planet and reduce the power of business interests to hold us in bondage. We also free the Democratic Party to lead us toward less exploitative economic arrangements at home and abroad. We don’t need more conventional weapons to fight mankind’s unconventional enemies: terrorists, pandemics and climate change. We need less emphasis on our GDP and more emphasis on the survival of our species. Progress in this struggle could restore our leadership surrendered in Vietnam, Iraq and in our mismanagement of globalization.

Thank you.


John Gibson

Blooming Prairie