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History will scorn this generation

Published 9:55am Monday, December 10, 2012

We have borrowed our way into the largest national debt in history and are going to raise the debt limit again before the end of the year. The president even asked for unlimited authority to raise the debt ceiling without asking Congress! The president is talking about doing things now that will balance the budget 10 years from now.

What happens when your kids say I’ll do it later? It never gets done! We have passed this problem on to our children and grandchildren because we do not want to face the problem ourselves. Our parents and grandparents have gone down in history as the greatest generation because of the sacrifices they made during wars and depressions.

What name will history give to our generation? Will we be known as the “Great Procrastinators” who never saw a problem they couldn’t put off to the next generations?


John Forman

Albert Lea


  1. Patti Kimble

    Will you please give it up; the election is over! If you want to blame anyone for the huge debt blame people like you who approved of all of the UNPAID things Repubs have voted for including the Bush tax cuts, 2 wars, an incomplete drug program, only to name a few.

  2. Randy Kruckeberg

    Ohhhh….. We should ALL do what they want to be good citizens and just give up and comply I don’t think so!!!

  3. john Forman

    President Obama has fought to keep eighty percent of the “Bush Tax cuts” For the last four years without paying for them. And has spent Billions more with no plan to repay? Does this hurt me? Not nearley as much as it will hurt mu grandchildren when payment comes due.