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Published 6:07am Sunday, December 16, 2012

First Lutheran Church Women

The First Lutheran Church Women met at 1:15 p.m. Nov. 14 in Bethany Hall.

Prelude music was provided by Joan Holt.

Co-President Gen Montei welcomed everyone and thanked them for the kindness of First Lutheran Church Women during the past few months due to the death of her husband, Dick Montei.

Devotions were given by Karen Christenson entitled “Stop Doubting and Believe.”

The group sang “Lord, Take My Hand and Lead Me.”

Jinni Olson introduced Joyce Shaman who spoke about facing fears, stating that people need to define their fears, analyze them, then fight back and if this is not possible they need to ask for professional assistance. She said people need to learn to live with their fears, and she suggested several tools to deal with these fears. Faith and prayer were first on the list followed by several items. The program ended with Shaman singing “On Eagle’s Wings” and the group joining in at the end of each verse.

Following the program, the secretary’s report was presented, and Montei asked if there were any corrections or additions to the secretary’s report. As there were none, Bonnie Trampel moved that this report be approved, seconded by Nancy Jenson, and it was unanimously passed and will be placed on file.

In the absence of Lois Jensen, Jinni Olson gave her report noting that the group had newsletters from Global Health and Lutheran Social Services. The group also received a thank-you note from Karen and Jack Neale and Sue and Dave Olson for the volunteers who helped make the 133 1/2 dozen lefse. Both couples will not be able to chair this project next year due to health problems. They have been leading the lefse bake for the past 10 years and have done a wonderful job. The group is in hopes that someone will chair this event next year, and if anyone has any ideas, please come forward. There are lefse grills that will be sold at the Holidays Ahead, if anyone is interested. The circles, as well as those decorating and preparing the luncheon, will be working on Friday as well as Saturday. Today is the last day for “used a bit” to be turned in for the Holidays Ahead.

Old business: There was none.

New business: The new slate of officers for 2013 was presented, a copy of which is attached.

The litany of Thanksgiving was presented by Trampel, followed by the Thank and Least Coin offering.

Thank yous and announcements were read and are attached:

Prior to its lunch, the group sang the Table Prayer.

The group closed by praying the Lord’s Prayer together.