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Who needs guns that spray rounds?

Published 10:27am Monday, December 31, 2012

What will it take for the NRA and all gun-loving Americans to finally agree that the ordinary citizen does not need a semi-automatic rifle? These weapons are for killing people, they’re not for hunting.

How many more of our children have to die before we wake up and take these guns off the market? I don’t like guns and won’t pretend to for this discussion. Everytime someone talks about taking semiautomatic weapons off the market, people run to the gun stores to buy a gun. No one is talking about stopping gun sales; we just want the automatic weapons off the market and out of the hands of everyone but military or law enforcement.

When you think about the damage that was done to these children in Connecticut with an AR-15 as compared to a handgun, it ought to make you sick. The children and adults didn’t have a chance with someone spraying bullets at them. It’s time we start thinking about our children, our neighbors and our own safety before we start realizing we don’t need these semiautomatic or automatic weapons.

Let’s get rid of these particular weapons and stop pretending someone is trying to take away your rights to own a gun. No one is trying to take away your rights, we just want to make our lives a little safer by saying no to these type of weapons. What’s wrong with that?


Kathy Diaz

Albert Lea