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Assistants cost the taxpayers

Published 9:11am Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I would like to say, that I believe Kathy Diaz asked reasonable questions in her Jan. 6 letter to the editor questioning why we need an assistant city manager now.

I also believe the city manager, Mr. Chad Adams, gave a reasonable explanation to her question in an story on “City administration to see changes” dated Jan. 8, and it seems like a positive change in city administration. But, as we all know, things happening around us are not always what they appear to be.

We are told the decisions being made are in our best interest and will save us money as a city.


1. Public safety director would create one leader for the Police and Fire departments, saving us the cost of a chief for each department. But now they are looking at a deputy fire chief and possibly a similar position within the Police Department.

2. Bancroft Bay Park (aka Oak Island Disc Golf Course). Where is Ross Brandt now (designer of the disc golf course) and who will handle the parks’ mitigation plan?

3. Blue Zone Walkway and Martin Road being incorporated into that walkway to cover years of the city maintaining the sidewalks for the private residences in the area, which are in the ward previously represented by the mayor when he was a councilman.

The city manager talked about improving communications internally and externally. I would say timing of any communication is also important.

Our leaders are supposed to represent all of us and it is our tax dollars they are spending. Consultants, assistants and spending decisions effect all of us.

Gary Hagen
Albert Lea