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DNR issues ice warning

Published 11:14am Thursday, January 10, 2013

With several days of temperatures hovering above and below freezing, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is reminding people not to let their guard down when traveling out on frozen lakes, rivers or ponds.

It doesn’t take long to make the ice brittle, said Kara Owens, DNR boat and water safety specialist.

“Anglers or snowmobilers might be safe in one spot one day, but might fall through in the same place the very next day.”

There have been no ice-related deaths in Minnesota this winter. Last winter, four people died after falling through the ice.

DNR clear ice minimum thickness recommendations are:

• 4 inches for walking.

• 5 inches for a snowmobile or ATV.

• 8-12 inches for a car.

• 12-15 inches for a medium-sized truck.

Owens added when the temperature rises above freezing for six hours during a 24-hour period, people should double the recommended minimum thicknesses. If temperatures rise above freezing for 24 hours or more, they should stay off the ice.