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Editorial: Thanks for giving to the United Way

Published 10:37am Friday, January 4, 2013

What the people of Freeborn County were able to accomplish this fall with giving to the United Way of Freeborn County is nothing short of spectacular.

About 2,800 people and 42 corporations were able to raise $615,000 for the sake of helping people in need. That says a lot about what a giving community Albert Lea and its surrounding towns are.

Even though the target figure was $660,000, the amount raised is still an incredible amount of money to garner simply through the willingness of people to assist others. It shows our community is filled with good Samaritans.

The funding supports 29 programs with 16 agencies. These aren’t just programs, though. These are people who actually are being helped, people who find themselves in less-fortunate situations, from being disabled to being homeless to being a victim of crime. This is the social safety net. A little bit of charity to help them now saves society so much more in expenses in the long run.

So thank you, Freeborn County, for being such a kind and giving place to reside.