Former Walmart employee allegedly threatens to shoot up store

Published 9:41am Wednesday, January 23, 2013

AUSTIN — The Burnsville Police Department is handling a report of a 64-year-old woman and former employee who allegedly threatened to shoot and kill people at Walmart in Austin.

The woman, who called from Burnsville, reportedly threatened a Walmart representative in Oklahoma about an issue with her employment and added she was going to get a gun to kill people at the Austin store. That Walmart representative notified the Austin Walmart store last Thursday afternoon about what the woman said.

The Austin Walmart then requested and paid for an Austin police officer to monitor the building. Officers stayed at Wal-Mart on a 72-hour rotation.

A Burnsville officer was able to contact the woman, who denied making any threats. Any formal charges against the woman would be filed in Burnsville, according to the Austin Police Department.