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The drinking age is discrimination

Published 9:56am Monday, January 7, 2013

I respond to “The drinking age is 21 for a good reason” by Minnesota state trooper Jacalyn Sticha.

What are the outvoted discrimination victims supposed to do, build a time machine so they can obey a law against being under 21? Clone themselves so on Election Day, they can outnumber the bigots who hate them?

Each person is a separate individual and a distinct transaction. This applies to DWI statistics and to the consent of the people.

The drinking age is a hate crime. The outvoted victims never consented to be regulated by state liquor laws in the first place. Their use of counterfeit identification, and even fleeing the country during spring break to drink alcohol in a place beyond the reach of the tyrants’ goons, is adequate proof that this blatantly unjust violation of their inherent natural right to liberty is totally unacceptable to them.

The only authority any government has is what people have delegated to them. I cannot give the government authority to regulate Mr. and Mrs. Twenty’s drinking, because I have no such authority. Neither do you.

The Minnesota Legislature has a choice: Mr. and Mrs. Twenty will drink legally, or Mr. and Mrs. Twenty will drink illegally.

Never underestimate the hostility you breed by hiring gun-toting goons in bulletproof vests as weapons of unprovoked violence, to try to intimidate citizens into living a healthy, alcohol-free lifestyle. Let freedom ring.


Tom Alciere
Hudson, N.H.