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Police say vehicles killed 2 cats found on N.R. rooftop

Published 10:22am Monday, February 4, 2013

NEW RICHLAND — Two cats found dead on a rooftop in January in this community appear to have died after being struck by vehicles at separate times, according to police.

The animals did not die from malicious or tortuous treatment, said New Richland Police Chief Scott Eads.

Eads stated in a news release Saturday that his department conducted an extensive investigation into potential maltreatment of the cats after they were reported to police Jan. 18 on the roof of 101 S. Broadway Ave.

The cats appeared to have been dead for weeks prior to them being put on top of the building, the release stated.

The investigation concluded one cat had been found on the boulevard of a street in the north part of town and the other had been encrusted in ice near the roadway on the south side of town.

“Any decay, mutilation or further damage occurred after these animals were dead,” Eads said.

The police chief stated the information previously reported by some news outlets might have been taken out of context.

“Given the concern, many have for domesticated animals and the potential implications this type of behavior would have, if done to living animals, we can certainly understand the type of emotional response this generated,” he said.