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No one fought 1934 gun law

Published 9:25am Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Back in 1934, when our forefathers banned machine guns, there was no one hollering Second Amendment rights. This was just after the Bonnie and Clyde fiascoes. There is little difference today with these assault weapons and machine guns. Those far-right loons want you to think you are going to lose the right to own a small game weapon or handgun. When 70 percent of the population want background checks on anyone purchasing a gun the politician should take note. It’s so obvious how much control the firearms companies have over our government. Some like to think they need an assault weapon for their protection. All you need is a single shot 12-gauge shotgun to stop any intruder in your house. A single-shot .22 to the intruder’s Adam’s apple will do the same.

Let’s all start telling our politicians to stop taking any more campaign contributions from the firearms companies that are all getting rich off selling assault weapons. And let’s let them know that we don’t want to get involved in any more other countries’ conflicts. This is another big bonanza for the firearms companies. They supply all the weapons and ammunition used in these ridiculous wars.

Let it be understood that no one is trying to take away your hunting firearms. I know these far-right loons want you to think this. No one needs an assault weapon unless they plan to do some harm to others. I hope I have opened a few people’s minds with a little common sense talk.


Wayne Thorson
Albert Lea