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Bill would give right to form union

Published 9:32am Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The right to form a union is a basic human right that shouldn’t be denied to us child care providers. As the Child Care Collective Bargaining Act moves through the state Legislature, there has been much misinformation spread about the bill.

This bill simply gives us the right to form a union. If the bill becomes law, we would still have to collect cards to start an election and then we would have to have an election. It’s core of democracy. We get to choose whether we want to form a union or not.

A union would only affect providers who accept families that are on the Child Care Assistance Program. The core part of this bill gives providers who accept families on CCAP the right to collectively bargain with the state of Minnesota for better CCAP reimbursement rates. Other work expenses for providers have gone up, such as groceries and art supplies, while CCAP rates have remained stagnant and have been cut in many states. Providers can’t work for less, and parents can’t afford to pay more.

We will not become state employees. It will still be business as usual for providers. We will still control our own rates, hours and working conditions. However, we will be able to negotiate with the state with one voice for more resources so we can do our jobs even better.

We deserve the right that other workers in Minnesota have. We deserve the right to form a union.


Wende Friehl-Taylor
Albert Lea