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Both sides have strong points

Published 12:57pm Thursday, April 11, 2013

Gun background checks could help.

If we do deeper checks of people who wish to buy a gun we could also check their family and closest friends, which means if that happened, Adam Lanza’s mother would not have been able to purchase a gun.

So background checks may be necessary. While I do believe that every American should have the right to carry a gun, I also believe that deeper background checks could save lives, but we should not take away the guns. The day the government starts to take away one freedom, more freedoms will follow. So it starts with the right to bear arms being taken away, and then something like freedom of speech or religion will be next.

So, basically, I think we should include more background checks of people who wish to purchase guns, but we also must not take away the guns. The arguments between the people of America both have points but both are also going a bit extreme in their own ways.


Daniel Jones
Albert Lea