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Letter headline was offensive

Published 10:22am Thursday, April 4, 2013

In reference to my letter to the editor of March 25, I referred to several policies of the Barack Obama administration that I was strongly opposed to. I used the term “abomination” to describe these policies. When I read my letter in the paper, I was surprised to see how it was headed: “Democrats are an abomination.”

I just wanted to clarify that I did not come up with this offensive heading nor do I agree with it. My apologies to anyone who might have been offended by it. I am not in the business of name calling but, as a citizen, I believe we all have the right to challenge our government’s policies that we disagree with.

I hope in the future, the Tribune would be more sensible in the words they choose to head the letters that readers send in.


Scott Bute
Editor’s note: Our mistake. We changed the headline online.

  • stardust

    Your frustration with the Tribune’s editorializing letters is shared by others. I see it as just one more form of censorship since the Tribune changed its forum format. Often the letter heads miss the point intended.

    Aside from this intrusive tactic the Tribune offers a series of obstructions to an open forum—endless flashing annoying adds; and data searching questions blocking access to forum editorials and letters, idiotic questions whose answers are destined for spammers and other questionable sources.

    These types of open forum snares only add to a public’s cynicism of media and local culture. Contributors to this forum should challenge this unprofessional restrictive coersive approach to citizen participation.