Published 11:15am Thursday, May 9, 2013

Freeborn County
District Court

April 16

Eloise Aileen Hunt, 66, 209 Main St., Hayward. Count 1: Fail to yield to right of way. Fined $130.

Anson Wayne Eklund, 31, 1705 E. Oakland, Austin. Count 1: Driving after suspension. Fined $180. Count 2: Seat belt required. No sentence pronounced.

Jay Allen Kohler, 55, 112 N. Quinby Ave., Nora Springs, Iowa. Count 1: Vehicle load not secured properly. Fined $140.

Richard Edgar Miller, 61, 1596 New Liberty Road, New Liberty, Iowa. Count 1: Operate unregistered vehicle. Fined $180.


The Tribune publishes all convictions that result in $125 or more in fines, jail time or both.