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Driving Miss Daisy in search of paradise

Published 9:23am Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Column: My Point of View, by Jerrold Dettle

The other night I had a dream. Maybe it was because it will soon be June, young people are graduating, I own an old golf hat (belonged to my father-in-law) and I always wanted to own a 1949 Packard.

Jerrold Dettle
Jerrold Dettle

Anyhow, here is my wonderful dream. You can help decide if it will ever become a nightmare or remain a happy dream. The pensive vision went like this:

Miss Daisy, where would you like to go? Well, Mr. Freeman, I have studied intensely for several years, and I really want to go to paradise. I think paradise is where I can finally be free from the rules and regulations of parents and school. A place where I can do the work that I have been trained and where the pay is good and the more I work and the risk I take and am successful, I will be rewarded for my efforts. A place where there are incentives if I give extra effort and am successful I will earn more freedom to spend life as I choose.

As we drive, look out the window of each town and tell me what you see, Miss Daisy.

Mr. Freeman, I see a lot of trucks here carrying goods to the consumers from all over the world. I see new wide streets, new homes being built and large modern skyscrapers. The people seem very busy and they have come from all over the world to work here. There are new theaters and new parks. Old buildings and stores are being restored or torn down. The price of gasoline is less, Mr. Freeman, and everyone seems to own a car. The most popular bird in this town seems to be the building crane.

Tell me, Ms. Daisy, what you can see as we drive to the next town.

I see farmland that is more productive than when we drove out of the other town. However, there are many abandoned farmhouses. The streets in this town are nice and clean, but they are more narrow and bumpy. There are fewer cars, and there seems to be more people standing idle on the street corner. There are a lot of empty stores and buildings where businesses were a long time ago. The city buses are new and very modern, but there does not appear to be many people on them. Oh, here comes a beautiful new passenger train, and we will have to wait while the few passengers pass. Look! Look, Mr. Freeman, at this beautiful lake, and people fishing everywhere!

Now, Ms. Daisy, I have driven you across this great nation, and you need to tell me where you want to live and work.

Mr. Freeman, I studied in school and learned from other students that the jobs are in the towns where there are few taxes and government regulations. I recognize that big government types tend to serve themselves and not the people, whom they attempt to deceive.

Of course you realize which town has few jobs and little growth. You know the answer as to which town I am speaking, Mr. Freeman. But I know something we have not been able to see from outside the car window. The people here in the last town are very good and caring people, and if I reach out to everyone I meet, we can both help each other. We can gain a lot of happiness here in this town through growing freedom, prosperity and financial well-being.

You see, Mr. Freeman, I learned a lot before I went away to school; I was born here in the last town! People in this town are bold and have righteousness.

Look up in the sky, Mr. Freeman. How beautiful it is up there in the heavens, that is where paradise has always been and always will be. I have graduated and I am coming back to Minnesota to stay!


Albert Lea resident Jerrold Dettle is a member of the Freeborn County Republican Party.