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Majority rule has been subverted

Published 9:42am Friday, May 3, 2013

What happened to our democracy? Was I right again? I was so right.
It really upsets me that I am so right all the time. I said that the firearms companies owned the Republican Party. If anyone can’t see this after the way they voted on the background checks on firearms sales bill, then they have to be mentally challenged. When 90 percent of the voters are standing for something, then that’s the way they are supposed to vote. After all, they were voted into office because they received the majority of the votes.
When I went to school 90 percent was the majority. What reputable politician would vote against something like this? I’ll tell you. One whose vote was bought by the firearms dealers. I am ashamed to mention there were four Democrats who voted with them. I sure hope they hear all about it come election time. I don’t know how any politician can look at a voter in the face and not realize exactly what that voter is thinking about them after they voted with the 10 percent. Even the 10 percent people should be outraged that we have such crooked politicians in office.
We have to take our country back. We can’t leave these crooks in office. There are more important issues coming up, and I don’t trust these crooks to do our bidding. I would have put my response in the paper earlier, but I’m sure the Tribune wouldn’t have accepted the language I was feeling and put it in the paper. Stop and think how many military personnel gave their lives to give us our democracy, and they made a complete mockery of it. I sure hope you all remember this travesty when it comes election time, especially you independents. If the Tribune accepts my bittersweet letter and publishes it, I want say thank you and thank you all for taking the time to read it.

Wayne Thorson
Albert Lea