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Of course the US is a democracy

Published 9:16am Tuesday, May 14, 2013

In reply to Jeff Ramsley’s letter on May 10, I have to say the following. Your headline was “United States is not a democracy.”

What country do you live in? I have never talked to anyone from this country who felt we don’t live in a democracy. In my dictionary, when I look this up, it says a government by the people. That our elected officers are supposed to do what we ask them to do. If 90 percent isn’t asking them to do something they want done, I don’t know how a right-wing loon such as yourself can’t understand it. Every poll in every state in the union showed the majority to favor background checks on firearms buyers even Alaska. Never before has there been an issue that had such a high percent of support than this issue. You don’t have to be very smart to not realize that these politicians are crooked. The firearms companies have bought them out.

If you can’t see this then you shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Why didn’t you mention this issue in your letter? You far-right loons want to mislead the public about the issue. Why didn’t you mention that this issue was only to do with keeping firearms away from felons and people that stepped on other peoples rights. It had nothing to do with taking firearms away from the average Joe that has a clean record. These criminals should lose their Second Amendment rights when they commit a criminal act. I don’t know why you far-right loons want to protect their Second Amendment rights.

In closing I would like to say if you don’t like living in a democracy, move to another country.


Wayne Thorson
Albert Lea