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Roundabouts and zippers are foolish

Published 1:06pm Saturday, May 25, 2013

In reference to the two editorials about zipper merging and roundabouts that were in last week’s Tribune, I have been in the trucking business 57 years, and these are two of the stupidest ideas they have ever come up with.

Zipper merging means that everyone has to start and stop approximately 40 times to get through construction sites, wasting a lot of time and burning all kinds of fuel. In other states, drivers have enough sense to merge when they are supposed to, and don’t have to stop at all. They just smoothly blend into the traffic at the posted construction speed limit.

On the second subject, Minnesota does not know how to do roundabouts. If you rode in a semi, you would understand why. The front tires rub on the outside curb, and the trailer tires are running over the inlaid brick, almost hitting the center post. They are about half as big as they should be, and people not familiar with the intersection are totally confused. It’s not uncommon for someone to stop right in front of you, creating a traffic hazard. I would rather stop for a stoplight or a stop sign than go through a roundabout.

Both the zipper merging and roundabouts are absolute nightmares! Have you ever gone through the roundabout at Medford? It’s enough to make a guy lose their religion! If you don’t believe me, I’d be glad to let you ride with me to prove my point!


Norman Larson