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Those T-shirts have issues

Published 9:43am Friday, May 3, 2013

This letter regards the “I’ve got issues” T-shirt circulated by the Albert Lea Tribune.

“I’ve” is a contraction of “I have.”

got: v. Past tense and past participle of get.

have: v. (various definitions regarding possession, etc.)

To “have got” renders got as a noun. It is not correct grammar to use the two words together as it is on the shirts of persons pictured in the 2013 issue of Albert Lea Magazine.

I recognize that this improper express (I’ve, we’ve, they’ve, etc., etc.) is commonly used by almost all writers in today’s media. That does not make it correct. A newspaper should be an example of correct grammar!


H. Peter Baxter

  1. neil berg

    English is a fluid, ever changing language. If something is “commonly used by almost all writers in today’s media”, it is correct. It’s just evolving faster than you are comfortable with. You can either get on the bus or you can be left behind. It is your choice.